Closed for restocking.

My most recent collection from this spring, on my workbench. I only made 14 hats, which is micro-small. I usually make about 30 pieces.

My hat display at a recent show. I've been dividing my booth in half to refelect both interests. One side is hats, the other yarn and fibers.

My studio addition is fully sided. It needs decorative siding to match the rest of my studio (aka refurbished 220 square foot shed). The roof needs to be swept off, leaks fixed. Wiring, insulation, sheet rock & paint to come. Landscaping will come after that! Camper shell, and satellite dish don't make the studio look so great either. It's a work in progress!

I am temporarily closing my Hatdiva Etsy shop. I admit it, my attentions have wandered. I am putting more energy into my Atomicblue fiber shop. At the moment, it's more rewarding. I do like making stuff for both's just that I'm caught up in wool. I have been conflicted to a certain degree. Hatdiva was my fist shop, it is hard to divide time. It is easier to a certain degree to make fiber batts, and spin yarn. It's process oriented like anything else, though the results seem to be more immediate. Plus it's what really is working for me right now, with a busy three year old underfoot.

A fancy hat can take up to 3-4 hours to craft. I've been known to spend half a day on a very elaborate hat. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that inspiration hasn't been as available as I would like. One factor is space. I'm working on that, with the studio addition. When there's a place for everything, and everything in it's place it will be good. I'm excited to be so close to finishing with the addition.

The other thing is, if you're going to do anything it shouldn't be half way.
So these next few weeks will be focusing on making some new hats. I'll reopen the Hatdiva shop soon with a new made over look!