Got Wool?

The Lenore post office. I love how it looks old west like, compared to our much smaller post office!

The view from the top of the grade towards Lewiston
. We live in such a beautiful area.

Wool! How could I be so excited about something so basic and simple? It's a blank canvas. One I dye it, I can card it, spin it or even felt it. I'm definitely felting some for my upcoming winter hat collection!

The goats at the farm ran, as I was driving out. Good guard doggie!

Round hay bales. I used to see alot more of these where we used to live. Our daughter would laugh with delight when the baler would spit out a bale. She's say "Mama, egg!". It was priceless.

Got wool? That's what the shirt said....the one my local wool supplier was wearing today! I was thrilled to finally have time...and she had time too! So I went up,up,up (as my daughter says) a big old windy road. Almost to the top, is her place, Rosebrush Farm. It's wonderful there, we were greeted by velvety curious sheep dogs. They were so quiet, and gentle with my very tall (41inches!) three year old. We had fun giving them pets & loves.

Then we went in search of the owner, Margo. On the way finding her, we spied the sweetest bright orange striper kitten. Oh how we love kittens! The little one has decided she is a kitty. It's cute, and very imaginative. Though I'd prefer a verbal answer that "mew" most times! Anyway....the weather was wonderful on what I consider the "top of the world". I was there for wool (In case you've noticed I'm a little obsessed). I swore to myself I'd ony get 2 maybe 3 fleeces tops. I ended up with four! My fave already is a lovely Rambouillet/ merino cross. It just so great to get stuff nearby. No see what you get in person, etc. Plus I totally believe in supporting your local suppliers!

We loaded the bags of wool into my VW and went down,down,down the grade. I was careful to use my gears this time. As I'd noticed my brakes were getting a little smelly as I arrived at the farm. So it was 1st & 2nd the whole way. I enjoyed the scenery, looking at the wildflowers, and snapped a few pictures. Then before we knew it we were down. By the post office....and back on the highway driving home along the river.