Kick it to #105!

Rock it out....a free for all fun fiber drawing!

Yeah, yarn is fun......batts even more fun. Why? The possibility. You can spin or felt.

Some past batts, clockwise: Dope Show,I need it, I want it....Coffee, Jadeite and, Magically Delicious

What's take it to 105 about? All my Atomicblue orders between sales #89 to #105 will be eligible for a super special drawing! Let's kick my sales over 100! What's the prize? A batt-tastic 1 oz color infused mystery batt, for free!! It's a fun way to say to one of my extra lucky customers, thank you for making my little shop such a success! So go for it, all customers from sale 89 to 105 will be in the running for the free 1 oz fiber batt!

My little Atomicblue shop is such a success! When I bought my carder last year...I never thought I'd be carding batts for sale. Then again, I never thought I'd spin yarn. I remember scoffing at spinning (insert head shaking here). I used to hate orange, and now I love it. See a trend? I opened my Atomicblue fiber shop on Etsy last December. From the beginning it's been a little champ. It's been such fun, and a venture into further fiber based adventures.

It's been the best thing ever actually, I wasn't really sure where my hat business was going at the time. Hats take lots of time, something that I'm short of....while chasing after my three year old daughter. So luck had it, batts....and spinning have been my saving grace. I love making things, in fact I need to. If not, I'd be on some kind of medication!