Orchard Farm Soap!

My favorite lotion bar. I swear, it helps revive dry chapped hands after some intensive felting, or even gardening!

Can't choose? She also markets multi-packs at a discount, how great is that? Plus I really dig her sinamay bag it comes from. Sinamay is also used in hat making. It comes from the banana plant.

Hemp! It's what's in our bathroom right now. I love it!
It exfoliates and more.

Kate in her pretty felted hat....made by who else, me! Hand felted crown, and cut felt brim. Vintage celluloid button, and felt scrap detail.

She even makes soy candles! Sometime when the kid occupied, I might get some quiet bath time and burn mine ;)

My second most favorite soap. I loooove lemon! Great soap, and packing...and so much more!

Ok....I know, I spend enough time yakking about my stuff. It's also fun to share about others! Orchard Farm Soap is just awesome. It's owner, Kate Jaeckel makes some darned good soap. It cleans well, and isn't overpowering scent-wise. I'm a bit scent-phobic, and I love her stuff. Not only is her soap really great, it's made from good stuff. Nothing harsh or un-organic here.

We met each other where else...at a craft fair! She's a Mom like me, though her kids are a bit older (think school age) than my little one. She makes soap, and many other wonderful items like the Vanilla Lotion bar. After some intense felting, it's great to smooth over my dried out hands. It also heals dry feet, and cracked heels! The last show we did together, we traded. Kate got a great sea green hat, and I got a bag full of soaps, soy candles and more! I thought I'd share, as her stuff is great.