Same old, same....

I managed to pull off a custom hat in a bonnet style, recently for a local lady. She's wearing it to a pioneer days event.

It had a lined brim.....which was, um difficult. Not impossible! I should have ruched the fabric, but needed to keep it simple. It's hard to hide stitches when lining a brim!

Handmade flowers are always a nice accent. I feel the frayed edge adds a bit more to the vintage feel. Plus, that's my style. (more photos in my Flickr, click the photo gallery widget to your right).

I think I've reached the point where I actually miss the old 900 sq ft studio! I don't miss where we used to live, just the space. My new little studio (well new for the 20 months) is busting out with stuff. Well, not stuff, wool! I've been buying local fleeces like it's going out of style. About 3/4 of my space is taken over by carders, and wool. The good news addition is going great!

I can't wait to tape and mud the sheet rock! My husband bought 4 windows yesterday. Ouch, $700. Low E stuff isn't cheap. Major bummer too, part of the big six footer broke. The slider inner glass went kaput in transit. We've ordered a replacement, tho a bit of a drag. I'm leaning towards laminate for flooring as it's super durable. Tho part of me wants to spring for the bamboo I saw at Costco. Laminate would be better for the addition, as I'll be felting and dyeing in there. Maybe laminate that looks like bamboo? It'll be nice to have real flooring instead of sanded/painted plywood. Easier to keep clean!

The T-111 is just the sheeting. We're going to go over with some older reclaimed wood when we can find it. Luckily we'd had the press board siding laying about. It's now $$$, we bought it when it was $.

Well not totally. My mother in law is coming from California to visit us on Thursday. So I'll be scrambling about cleaning up the house soon. I am one to put off housework! After all there's more important things to do (like garden, make hats, & card wool!). Not that the house is a shambles. It just needs a quick vacuum and the floors a once over with Mrs. Meyers. Which by chance we're out of. So I'm considering going to town. Either today or Can't make up my mind. I am such a Libra! I want to also get a kiddie pool and swimsuit for the kid. Her other pool was deluged by some mud this spring. I haven't bothered digging it out. We had a real wet Spring!

I want to get one of those pools with a mini slide attached. It'll be nice to use once we get our patio finished. I found a great source for pea gravel, just $10.75 a ton! Tho, I need weed block, and help with getting the pea gravel here. Turns out our new, totally awesome car seat doesn't fit the truck. So if I were to go get pea gravel it's a no-go. Since the little one is pretty much my shadow. Plans to use the VW for gravel procurement are slim to none...never mind that it's a hatchback wagon!

Oh boy...I wonder if the kiddie pool would fit in the car. Oh boy.