We have a winner!!!

Lovely hand felted hat from Julie Earl of Australia. Nope, haven't put away my winter accessories (yet).

Who's it gonna be? Shake it up.....and fish about.

OMG! No way! This is irony to say the least.

Awhile back I was close to my 100th Atomicblue Etsy shop's sale. So a customer of mine suggested I try a sale/drawing of some sort. I did, it was my kick it to 105 sale. I made it to the 106th sale! That's 17 new sales.....how cool is that? Only open about 6 1/2 months and such success. So.....I wrote everyone's names down on paper. Some had bought multiple items, so they got as many duplicates as sales. I put all names into a hat (A nice felted one from Julie earl of Australia)....and shook everything up. I closed my eyes, fished around. And got a winner.

Fancy that, I was like
"no way" and laughed. It wasn't rigged, totally fair....and I'm still giggling. Thanks to all that participated! I appreciate your business, and as always will be looking for new fun freebie to add to all future orders.

Lushmommy is now the new owner of a free 1 oz fun batt from my shop!