I'm totally powerless when it comes to color + pattern. Fabulous!

Snips of fabrics that I've dyed over the years. I have bags and bags of's amazing. It's also good when trying to match, and or pick something to contrast with!

I'm a color-a-holic! It's always drawn me a magpie toward something sparkly. I'm powerless. I surround myself with it, daily. It's such a fabulous thing. How could you do without it? Color is fabulous, I think in color....certain shades inspire certain things. I get into specific shades for awhile, turn them on their ear and move on. Right now it's the brights that do it for me. Though I see a slight shift, and interest back to light pale shades. Super saturated darks too. Jewel tones. Ummmmm. I'm a little possessed when it comes to hot pink, and chartreuse greens.

I could go on and on....we'll let the photos do the talking.