Super Secret New Collection

Bi-color hoods. I love dyeing funky shades. Nobody else will have a hat like this! I find comfort in something a bit different, don't you?

Some lovely tri colored straw bodies. Sisal, and parisiasls. I'd love to get my hands on some more unusual fancy weaves. Nothing more is available other than honeycomb, and tri-weave. I'd love to see more variety! Suppliers just don't "get" it. I guess basic sells, but I like unusual. How about wicker, circular, and triangle and other fun stuff I've seen coming out of the UK? *rant over*

Double dippin' chocolate ice blue, and deep ocean blue. Love it!

Silks, and other fun stuff to add in. I'll craft flowers and more from these.

Maybe. It feels like it'll never happen. These hot summer days (think 102* to 108*) have me moving in slow-mo. I am also the queen of "I'll get to it" aka good old fashioned pro-cra-stination. I always am after myself to leave enough time to make things. Nope, it seems more often than not I'm making 20 hats in 14 days. Well, at least this time I have 20+ days. And yep...20-24 hats DO need creating.

What do I really want to do? Sip a cool drink, and put my feet in the kiddie pool. I also want to dye, card and spin wool. I also want to felt. Honestly, I am really looking forward to late August when I start felting hats. Then my most recent obsessive love (carding wool) and hats will collide. I bought my wool carder to card for myself, and look what it got me into!