Thinking ahead......

A great way to store bulk wool. Pop up hampers! Just $3.88 from a local big box store.

To control the mess in my living room alcove.....wool waiting for more space (i.e. a finished studio addition).

My new pop up instant canopy! I hope I made a good choice. I figured Costco had a reason for switching up to this brand over EZ UP.

Pop up hampers are incredible! I scored some bright plastic storage caddy's for $1.00, more knitting needles, and some cheap dyes.

Above, what I wanted to pull off, but it didn't work. Pixels were off, when I uploaded. Ugh!
So I went ahead and re-ordered my older card. For some reason, that card was able to be designed. Maybe I should go back, and retry? I'm just not a technical person.....

That's me, always thinking what's next. How to improve, jazz something up. Dot it better than before, etc. I re-ordered some glossy cards from Vistaprint today. I wanted to get some new ones, but failed miserably on the formatting. I have Microsoft Picture It! 10, which is pretty lame. I re-sized, everything. Fail! I became real frustrated, and will hire my go to guru for design to redo it! The idea was to get a postcard size card, then fold it in half. That way I can use up all the small cello bags I ordered that are too small! They turned out to be 1/4 smaller than the ones I normally use, and postcards don't fit in. So once again, I'm mixing it up to keep my customer engaged. Something new and cool, I love sending stuff out. It's fun to think what reactions are when orders are opened!