Dog days of August

I took 200 photos, and settled on these four of me wearing my favorite straw hat. Which one do you favor for a new Etsy avatar? So far some folks have said the lower left one is theirs.

There's three winter style photos to pick from. I'll use a photo from these three for the winter months. Which one? I love the pink hat, though I'm leaning towards the middle photo.

I made some great new sofa pillow covers! I love how they turned out. I used some fabric from JoAnns, and some Anna Maria Horner fabric for the side. It's from the Drawing Room collection, and is a great sateen cotton.

This is how my studio addition looks right now. All painted, and ready for the next step. The wall by the windows will get a large counter and double sink. I can hardly wait!

It's hot. It's not quite Fall. Though my sunglasses tell a different story. They are tinted, and picked up some slight tones on amber the other day. It's that time of year where summer seems endless. Fall seems a long way off, though welcome. Winter? I can't even think snow, but it's coming.

So what's new? I finished painting my studio addition a week ago. My husband has been promising to wire in my outlets, yet hasn't. There seems little, yet so much to finish in there. From flooring, to a hot water heater there's much to tackle! I've been tackling personal sewing projects. I sewed two new covers from my sofa seat cushions. I also made a sweet mint/pink/tan colored dust ruffle from Amy Butler fabrics for my daughters bed. Also on the roster are new curtains for her, and dust ruffle for our bed.

Today I piled on the makeup, and took new avatar pictures. I decided to redo my avatar for my Hatdiva Etsy shop. Not that I'm hyper-vain.....the pictures had me wondering! I had a suddenly sinking panic feeling. I'll be 40 in two years & 1.5 months. I thought getting older was supposed to happen to other people! All those years of smiling has slowly caught up with me. Flippin' wrinkles! Other than a race to the nearest laser center, or a pot of alpha hydroxy I'm clueless! The good news is, hats hide grays that seem to be multiplying like rabbits these days. If only we could figure how to get them to hide "smile lines".