I'm Baaaack!

Knitting. Yes knitting....and getting better at it. I have 4 sweet knitted cloche style caps made from my handspun yarn, This is where my wool passion meets hats. Now does it make sense?

This is the first knitted scarf I made. I'm totally into it.....I love using artistic handspun to make things.

A sample of my basic knitting skills (knit/purl). I made a super hat from myself, and a little collar....which I later unravelled and used for something else.

I have a new Etsy shop banner! It celebrates past and current designs.

I had these grand plans. Then they didn't quite work out. The idea was to get a model to pose in a bunch of new hats. Take pictures, and list a slew of new styles in my Hatdiva Etsy shop. Didn't happen. Let me think why........well it kind of started when I canceled a craft show. Actually I only have four new summer hats. The rest are blocked, sitting with no headsize bands, or labels. They even have flowers ready to stitch on. What happened?

I dropped the ball. Really, I admit it. My passions have taken a detour. My Atomicblue Etsy shop
has slowly taken over in a sense. It's been pretty darned successful, so I've run with it. I had no idea what I was getting into when I bought my wool carder! I didn't plan to become a supplier of fabu wool batts. It's a wonderful thing. Though I have yet to figure how to make the two mesh. I can make things faster for my Atomicblue shop than my Hatdiva shop. When you toss a active little three year old into the mix.....you can maybe see my point of view.

So the big news? I re-opened my Hatdiva shop, even though I don't have a bunch of fun new listings. Instead I put almost everything on red hot clearance pricing! So now's the time to swoop, and score! In the meantime, I'm working to be more on the ball......more focused.