Important Update!

SHOP UPDATE: Saturday August 8th at 10am PST!!!

(Photos listed in my Flickr gallery that say (2) noted in the description are the listings that will have two quantities!)

Most of you, by now realize something's going on. I canceled my craft show. Was it the wool? Maybe. Many factors contributed.....though the great news is I am able to focus and do a whopper batt update!

What's new about this one? I have new dyes, new green, browns, and more! I'm also doing something a bit different. I'm offering quantities! After reincarnating 10 custom order batts.....I realized I needed to do something differently. So now, when I have a little extra of the dyed fibers, I'll card a duplicate batt! I'm trying to make them the same weights, so there's a quantity listing. If I have a batt that weighs a bit different, I'll make a similar listing for it!
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