DIY Blog + Etsy Front Page!!!

My freeform knitted/felted beret (click link to see!) pattern is up on Fave Crafts DIY!

Springtreeroad is right about the world stopping for just a sec when you see your stuff on Etsy's FP! For a high res look, click on the picture! (my batt is in the middle, bottom row).

I went to log into Etsy on Monday, and bam! I saw something kinda familiar. This totally cool stranger made a Treasury with my Aloe Chocolate batt in it. Guess what? It made the ultimate Etsy lottery, the front page (aka FP)!! So my batt had 15 minutes of fame, how amazing is that? I was flabbergasted, and hastily called my friend Sara aka Lushmommy and she nabbed a screen shot for me. I'd always wanted to be on the front I can say I've been there. Feels good.

Other fun stuff, my guestie blog at Fave Crafts is up! After reading it, go to the link for the Mismatched knitted/felted beret DIY pattern. Yeah, I know knitting, then felting isn't the newest latest thing. I put my spin on it (literally) by using some of my handspun yarn, along with Knittydirtygirl's as well. Writing for Fave Crafts was fun. I'm going to do another DIY in a few weeks with another felting project. Stay tuned!