Weekend Getaway.

Hitting the road, a brave 7 hour adventure to Oregon!

We never travel......last time we went on a big trip was when our daughter was 4 months old. She's 3 1/2 now! We packed up, got the cats a sitter, and headed to Oregon. It was a momentous trip! We went to Oregon Flock & Fiber, in Canby. It was amazing! I had so much fun, it was really great to get away. The weather was fantastic, and we stayed with friends. The Flock & Fiber fest was truly awesome, from bunnies, angora goats, to the smallest sheep in the world; they had it going on. There was dyed roving, batts, yarns, and so much more. The weekend plays out like a slide show in my head. I have few memories of people, or what they even looked like! I was on a mission, a mission to procure wool fleece (aka freshly shorn wool just off the animal). Mission fulfilled. It was off the hook. Pretty laughable, as I was pretty concerned at the beginning.

Gorgeous roving everywhere. It was coming out of the woodwork. That with dyed sock yarn, overkill! What ever happened to handspun art yarns?

Beautiful dark alpaca, what a regal critter!

I thought this was a sheep! So so wrong, it was a angora goat.

Rest stop joy! It was such a relief to get out, and enjoy the excellent day. We stopped at this stop going & on return.

It was neat to see a very large body of water. The river just outside of Umatilla, is the Columbia. We have the Snake/Clearwater river where we live. This was mind-bogglingly huge!

Extreme haul. Really.....this is the fleece I scored at the fiber fest. I've only made a small dent, washing 3 fleeces so far. I have 7 more to go, oh my!

Needless to say, my fears of not scoring fleece were are totally debunked by the photo above. That's a kiddy pool. Filled with bags of fleece! Destined to be yarn, carded art batts, and yep......eventually hats! The Oregon Flock & Fiber festival has this crazy fleece sale. They judge all the fiber, then let people preview it (then they kick everyone out). I previewed, and then realized the sale wasn't until 50 minutes later. I was not standing in line that long! I came back 5 minutes before the sale.....and met Lushmommy! She (Sara) was standing in the middle of the line. We said hello, and hugged. The lady behind her hissed "you are not cutting!" LOL! I said I possibly could. Talk about nuts, people had really staked out their places. That was then someone shouted "open". It was crazy, I admit to sprinting along to grab what I wanted. I scored 6 bags of great stuff. Most notable is some premium Corriedale x Border Leicester from Hub Corriedales. It's truly awesome. Super fine, soft and springy! It's a thrilling fleece, I cannot wait to dye card, spin.

Sara also scored about the same bag-wise. It was fun to meet up with her, although we realized the competition for fleece was on! I hope next year things will be different, and we'll socialize more. As I type I realize that yes, my interest is turning a bit away from hats. Though I admit I will always be into hats. It's just not my focus at the moment. Things cycle, things change. It's a good thing or else stuff would be static and be truly boring!

As I type, this I'm in the midst of a nasty flu-bug. I'm rallying, and hope to get back full force soon!