Forward Momentum, Maybe.

New flooring makes a major difference. The studio is nicer than ever. It feels like a little house. I was very happy to welcome back my vintage oak teacher's desk. The counter/cabinet thing before was too tall, I never took a liking to it.
From the other side of the studio, doesn't it just look way better?

Clearly I have alot more sorting, stowing and organizing to do. This is the new addition part of the studio. Command central for a mish mash of stuff to go through. Not my favorite thing, but kinda necessary!

Even my funky old chair got a spiffy new slipcover! My ironing board is also sporting a pretty new cover, it's nice.

New floors are in! Molding, check. Stuff moved back in, check. Halloween costume sewn, check. Carded a few fiber batts, did some sewing, check. Small stuff, yet no major push. I have so many things to do, I'm in this weird cycle of avoidance, aka procrastination. Sure I have enough felted hats for my next show. Wouldn't it be neat to make some new ones? Sure! I tell myself, I'm waiting for that inspiration. That shift that throws me into a whirl of activity. Waiting.......maybe I'm too distracted?

It seems like this has been the pattern for the entire year. last minute panic brings results. I so need to snap out of it! Snails pace, I swear! Well, maybe from where you're sitting it seems like I'm doing alot. I hope so! I have the basics put back in my studio. Everything is accounted for except my muslin-wig millinery head! I need it for finish wok on my hats. I wonder where it went? It should turn up soon I hope. Until then, feast your eyes on some killer new laminate floors!