Not all who wander are lost.

Wandering, Idaho style. It's good to go about things in a different way. You never know what you'll discover.

I got myself some nifty socks for my birthday. Handknit, and super neat. More spendy than others, but Bennylove makes a wicked sock! Worth ever penny ;)

Getting back to it, slowly. carding a few batts for my atomicblue etsy shop. yes. new stuff. It's been a few weeks, right?

How do I do it all? Sometimes I really wonder. From the outside looking in......many say I do alot. The best thing said by another artist was "they don't know what you're going through". It's true! Chaos could be reigning, and at least my atomicblue etsy shop looks fine. Funny how that works. I expect alot of myself. Though recently it seems harder and harder to get work done. The bout with swine flu threw the family for a loop.

Now that the days are shorter, and it gets dark at 7pm, it seems like there's less time in general. The other side of the coin is being a artist
and mommy. It can be so crazy sometimes. They beg to go outside, then they want in. Then they need X,Y,Z......sometimes all at once! Though all frenetic activity is worth it, because the smiles and sweetness is all worth it. People ask how I do it. I don't have a magic quotient. I just have made my list smaller, which in the end hopefully will make things easier.