Swine Flu isn't cute!

No, not cute, not cute at all! It's a real drag actually.

Birthday banjo surprise! Isn't it beautiful?

Take a big bite, yum! The 'spider cake' was a hit from beginning to end.

No black sprinkles, no problem! The yellow ones with chocolate worked just fine.

Swine flu. Yeah. Ughhhhhhh. I started feeling really sick just after Oregon Flock and Fiber. Sore throat, congestion, coughing, low grade fever, chills, and fatigue to name a few. Then the kid got it. She spiked a near 102 degree temp. Strangely, she bounced back within a few days! It's good, but is taking me a little longer to get better. Being sick, and a mom is not an option! I was a zombie last week, on the couch, drinking lots of liquid. Everything fell by the wayside. orders that needed to go out, new batts, yarn, hats! It all fell away as I sat there shivering.

My mother in law came to visit Thursday, and helped out alot. Suddenly laundry was folded, and we had dinner on the table. How nice! I was able to rest. Friday brought my husbands 38th birthday, and by then he'd fallen victim to the nasty bug. So we were quite the pair, with a little kid bouncing off the walls! My mother in law and I conspired to give my husband a beautiful new Washburn banjo. He'd surprised me a few weeks before saying he'd always wanted to learn how to play one. He was stoked, I was happy. I managed to scrape together enough energy to bake a carrot cake and decorate it with a festive fun spider! I punked out after, and we had cake for dinner.
I'm semi-back in the saddle today. I desperately need to get four orders shipped. I assume it will take all morning to pack them, at my speed. At least they will go out.

I'm hoping for a second wind by then, and I can get back to work. I'm a workaholic, in case you hadn't noticed ;)