The fun thing about craft shows is......

The relief of a successful set-up is evident in my face. Booth display is never easy! That said I love goofy pictures such as this. I also love meeting other Etsy artists! I met Cori Dantini aka Corid at this weekends show. She is a really neat illustrator- extraordinaire with an incredible defined style. Of course we traded......

I love my "Consider" print. The owl, and the pantaloons are especially nice details.

I especially like this Tree of Life picture. Simple, calm, yet intricate.

Our daughter, at 3 1/2 has excellent taste. She decided this was the print for her room! We're getting a frame for it this afternoon. She calls it her "bee lady". Her room is filled with limited edition prints from many artists.

A bird's eye view from my resting spot in the back of the booth. I sometimes think I may move my spot to the front. That way people would engage differently.

A slightly different display. This time, the cubes went to the back. They are due for a revision. Cubes are handy, yet not as touchy-feely inspiring. I am thinking tiered baskets with yarn begging to be touched. On the other hand, I was very happy with my hat display!

You meet neat people! You get to connect with old friends, make new ones. Plus I heard so many compliments on my work, I thought my head would explode. "The texture, the color, composition!" I also sold a few things, which was much needed as my savings were, well being spent! I was a bit frazzled. No I was frazzled. This little show Womensworks took alot of effort to set up. It was on the second floor, which threw me for a loop. Thank goodness there was an elevator, and so amazing incredibly awesome volunteers! Lindsay, and the girl from Taiwan were incredible! It was great fun to do a show on the University of Idaho campus. There was a different vibe than a few blocks away where the Renaissance Spring fair is held each year. After nearly 18 years of doing shows it never gets old, it just becomes more interesting.