Warm and fuzzy.

Orders organized, and ready to pack. Wool roving ready to spin (I'm trying knitting a sweater next!)

Lirola's fabulous sweatshirt wrap. What a great color! I want to get one of these soon.

I just love this spicy color. I'm not sure I'd look good in it, but I just love it. Spice, pumpkins, cinnamon, Yum! Wrap by Lucy Ransom.

This picture says it all! Mojo Spa Style has the cutest little hats, I love pink.

I've been ogling this yarn by Spinswim for some time. I love the colors.....I just can't knit socks yet!

The sock knitting deficit is making me lust after fabulous knitted socks such as these by Skybox. The colors are fabulous!

The wool biz is really picking up. Everyone is nesting in and snugging up. It's cold out! I pulled my woolen socks out of storage, and my winter coat. Snow is imminent.

I'm window shopping on Etsy for warm, cozy things. Warm and fuzzy is where I'm at right now. Dreaming of handknit socks.......wishing I could knit them. Maybe sometime, just not right now. Stay warm wherever you are!