Market Success!

Here's what one customer did with some of my fab handspun. I love the hat she free-form knitted. She used commercial yarn for the edge, and the top, and my yarn in between. I love how the top has a pull through area for a pony tail.

Isn't it cute? I thought it was really awesome. It's so gratifying to see customers finished projects. It truly make me feel great!

I didn't dress to match my display. Somehow I managed to match it! Everyone wanted the knitted fingerless gloves I was wearing. Must remember to do something about that!

My display was far more streamlined. I only brought things I worked out so much better than the last time around. It really pays to bring only what you need, and keep it simple. My table display hat tree really paid off. Love those!

I've seen flag banners such as this all over Etsy. I wanted to rock out one of my own. They are super easy to make with craft felt. I used up some of the bias tape and rick rack I had stashed. The Y-A-R-N banner really was effective & fun!

I had fun at the Saturday's winter market. It's one of four I am doing in Moscow (Idaho) at the 1912 Center. Next ones are in January, and February. It'll help me stay on track with making things this winter. I need to stay focused so I can stay ahead! The market was super fun this time, as I sold 7 skeins of yarn! I also got to see a great hat made by customer with my yarn!

I'm hard at work on more stuff for the January market. The mercury has dropped substantially, it's about 23 degrees outside as I type this. Suddenly, anything wool seems like a good idea to everyone. It's been a good idea with me all along!