My first sweater!

I did it! Armholes are a bit wide....though what they hey it's my first real sweater! Who would have thunk it, just 6 months after learning how to knit.

Here it is hanging up. If I would have followed the pattern to the letter, there would have been more 'sleeve' space.

Detail of the fab 2x ribbing. I love ribbing, and have gotten the hang of it!

The back, not as fab as planned on. Next time no stripes for anything sweater. Maybe ok for socks, scarves, and small things. Don't favor how it looks on the bod!

Well, really it's a shrug! I adapted it from a pattern I saw online. It's a bit wonky, imperfect, though a decent first try! I totally love the yarn I spun for it. It's a nice wool-silk blend. I wish it was a bit bigger, and had more in the sleeve department. We'll see what happens when I wash and block it. Maybe it'll be better?

I am going to try to tackle the pattern again, this time I'll give it better effort. The pattern runs a bit small. I cast on 108 last time. This time it'll be closer to 130-140 as I prefer a little less fitted effect. Another reminder to self: no stripes on the back! Bad when you have wide shoulders.......