We saw it......we decided it would make a good investment. With market instabilities, stocks and bonds aren't tangible like real estate!

Doesn't this place have great windows? Maybe I should make some goofy seasonal displays to make people wonder. That would be fun!

His, mine and ours......weird wooden boxes my husband scored at an auction. Those lot goods are tempting. I'll tell you, there's alot of sorting & stuff to resell there! Maybe I can snag some of the neat wood boxes to make flower planters?

My craft show stash. One day I see it as simple, organized. I'd like it be easy to pack & go! The store has amazing light, and is lined with shelving.

Piles of household stuff. Somewhere in there there's a green silk cloche. I'd like to find it! I'd also like to find my flannel sheets, for obvious reasons!

I tagged along today to the store. Not the grocery store! Our store, the one we bought last year. It's on Main Street! It has a cute loft apartment at the back, and alot of storage space in the store itself. It was a store about 100 years ago, a general mercantile of sorts. It had a pool hall in the back! There's some neat photos at our town library. I wish our town was the type that would support a coffeehouse/book store/yarn place. Maybe I could do a once a year junk sale? Well, at least until my extra stuff is sold!

It's been two years since we moved. About two months ago we moved our stuff out of paid storage. Boy did that feel good! Now the hard part, unpacking and sorting. I unwrapped dozens of vintage glass bottles today. Sadly 3 bottles were shattered. I have a bunch of shelves full of stuff to sell. Maybe by spring it'll all be organized? There are some for sure keepers, alot I'll sell. I found my wedding dress, and a nice wool blanket today. I'm sure there's more treasures to be unearthed. There's a bunch of stuff I forgot all about! Where does it all come from? Downsizing from 1,300 sq ft house to 650 sq ft one has been really interesting. We've made it work!

This will be a great Winter project. So nice to get organized, and together. It feels great!