Chasing the Rainbow

I'm a captive of the dye pot. I'm a color addict. I'm chasing the rainbow! Each color I dye makes me want to dye more. I see the results and think of ways to improve, or mix the dyes differently for more color range. I mainly use Jacquard Acid Dye, since they're great for mixing shades......and so concentrated! I also use Procion. The Procion colors are prone to shift (colors split, aren't true) though results unpredictable are always beautiful. I just love Procion Soft Orange! Sometime I might use Wilton food color......and rarely a bit of KoolAid! Nothing does blue like Kool Aid's Berry Blue.

For the past 4 days I've heated water, mixed dye powder and immersed fiber. It's been fun, work.......fabulous, and tedious. The color keeps me going. There's something inherently magic about the dye pot. You mix the dye, add the fiber and fixer (citric acid crystals, not vinegar!) and about 15 minutes later you have instant magic! So I've been painting a rainbow, and it's been fun! I've kept better detailed notes this time, and swatches. I'm building up a whole range of my own colors. How cool is that?