Oh there's my moxie!

Posing with That Crazy Spider, a new skein I just listed in my Etsy shop. I'm loving using Picnik to manipulate photos, I subscribed to the premium account, fun!

Here's a little secret......I'm artistic for a living. Squeee! No desk jobs, I write my own schedule and love it. Though being self employed means you're at the whims of distraction, and believe me here are plenty. I'm the queen of digression, and procrastination is not far behind. Despite that I tend to be quite prolific. I revel in color, and am loving it.

The past week or so the typical lassitude, the doldrums of Winter have intruded. The classic case of vexing disenchantment settled in. Nutty cabin fever patterns started to be come apparent. Manic weirdness abounded. My husband started to show these symptoms as well. Thankfully we are past them at this point. Bon ami is returning, the artistic chi, the dharma is back in place. I don't know why, maybe the circular nature of things? Perhaps several great movies that came via Netflix helped. Don't Miss Fool's Gold, and the Star Trek. Both were engaging, funny and greatly written. The actors, awesome. I'm usually offended, when supposendly good actors end up in shrill crap movies. It's even worse when those crap movies are raved about (such as Inglorious Basterds, boring!)

Another little gem is the re-captured tale of Sense and Sensibility. Food for the soul, a good re imagining of the classic Austen tale. I'm just a movie junkie, I admit it. One more to recommend: Lost in Austen, stellar! So spring is on it's way. We welcome February in a few days. Things are slowly coming along. Major events this week, season 6 of Lost starts.....and our almost (April) 4 year old starts preschool. Yay!