After spinning skein after skein of yarn.....I've learnt alot. I'm glad to say I've been spinning since October of '08!

Oodles of batts. That's how many I've made. Enough batts to be declared the batt mixmaster supreme! Plus they are really fun to make!

My fabulous hand crank carder. Scored off Ebay for a mere $180. I preferred this over my fancy electric Strauch carder that i sold the Strauch! Recently I measured the TPI (teeth per inch) and it's 21!! That certainly is coarse! has taken over. I gave up resisting. It's such a wonderful medium, so useful in many ways (yarn,felting, etc).

The addiction of color has translated into much hand dyed wool, and other fun fibers such as Firestar, a sparkly nylon product.

And the hats........this was my rustic-simple collection. The concept? Simple sun hats with quirky charm. Ah well, it was a good idea just not fully realized. I can go with it this year, and who'd know the difference?

I realize now that trying to do everything resulted in less. Last year was about the two businesses. I didn't plan on two! It was sheer surprise that I started a spin off independent artistic fiber supply. Seems I was just looking to buy a carder, and what a Pandora's box it turned out to be! Next thing I know my time is gobbled up with obsessive carding. Seeing how many color combinations I could do. While it bothered me at first that I wasn't able to make as many hats....soon I began to accept it.

Hats are extremely detail oriented. Not that yarn, and wool batts aren't. They are less specific, more say wild n' wooly. The basis of hat construction remains the same. As for wool, the horizon is limitless. So I decided to not fight it and see where it led me. The real breakdown began in late July. I abandoned a collection! Really. It's sitting in a box half completed. That's when I realized the wool business was eclipsing the hat business. I panicked at first, then gave in. I told myself that the wool, come winter would make sense. It did! Wool, warm, wool hats, and more! So I've decided I'll continue on with the hats, just not on the same level. It'll be about mini collections, we're doing more with less these days after all!

I look forward and see more time when our little one goes to school. Until then, it's all about her, and the wool ;)