Wedding hat redux!!

It's amazing, the hat color is a exact match to the dress! How great is that? Plus the bride looks radiant.

The hat would pop off every time she'd hug her guests. Her newly betrothed husband goofily popped it on his head! A simple hat pin can save you the hassle of losing your hat.......they seem dated, yet are so practical!

I must have made this hat years ago. It was before we moved, which was 2+ years ago. Anyhoo, the gal I made it for tracked me down online. Isn't that great? She emailed me snapshots from her wedding. The hat was a custom design, a pretty hand dyed sisal. The flowers were made of silk organza. Silk drapes, and shapes like nothing else!

I still love hats, though my focus has shifted a bit (to wool!). My new direction is indulging my obsession with color and texture. I'll dabble in hats along the way, though wool is taking center stage!