I'm totally down with Phat Fiber!

Yeti is fun! Here's glimpse of some of my graphics.....the button and the fiber the Yeti batt below!!
I'm so excited about this ;)

I'm a part of the Phat Fiber Possee! Phat Fiber is an indie marketing tool. You donate samples, and they assemble a rad box filled with goodies. Those boxes are them sold via Etsy! It's a win-win relationship. A totally fun concept, that I'm totally into.

The Phat Fiber Box I bought recently, had dozens of samples. A pile of fiber! The theme of the box was "Master Painters". It was fun! I carded all the samplers into two big batts, and spun some amazing yarn from it. So, yep you guessed it! I'm donating 50 samples to Phat Fiber box this April. Boxes go on sale April 17th. I'm really stoked. The April theme? All Creatures Great and Small. I wasn't inspired by it at first, then I had a brainstorm. I knew exactly what I was going to do. The Yeti!! Yeti's are real in my book. My Yeti is a lovable soul. He's like a frat boy. He's cute, fun and has a tendency to party too much. For real, you don't want to invite him over. He's a couch hog, and will eat you out of house and home.

With my theme settled, I ran with it. I had graphics designed, by my friend Cori Dantini. I ordered 100 yeti buttons from Kittycrossbones! Needless to say, it's been a blast. I've kept the theme under wraps for awhile. I shared it with my fiberista pal Lushmommy. She flipped! I think you will too when you get a eyeful of my Yeti.