Thank you Tonya!!!

Just an awesome banner. It will read across the hall at a show for sure!

Showing off for size.....and hey, that really is me!

Tonya Doughty designed me the most awesome banner! I had it printed by Vista Print for for a mere $40. It's a most amazing eye catcher at 6 feet long by 2 feet tall. I just love it!! Tonya is not only an awesome photographer, but an amazing graphics designer to boot. I discovered her work on Flickr, which let me to her website.
I'm thrilled about the banner. It incorporates my logo, shop URL and my new avatar. It's so important to be cohesive with all your designs. Repeating logo, and recognizable avatar is so essential!

Flickr is such an awesome photo sharing site, I just love it! I love how you can scroll through your contacts/friends uploads. It's so inspiring to see what people are doing. I might not live in a hip artsy neighborhood, though one is just a click away!