Yes, I'm good.

Some insanely amazing gold filigree lace with real beetle wings inspired this retro cloche. This stayed on display behind glass for years. Circa 1994

Details of a pink Nouveau Cloche. A sewn style, that was one of my best sellers back in the day. Vintage lace, and flower. I wore this to teh Vintage Clothing Show/Sale in Oakland. Many dealers mistook it for vintage, and I recieved many compliments. From about 1992-3?

One of the most gorgeous hats! My "Madhatter" hat was also another strong seller of mine. The classic slouchy style.....interpreted here with velveteen, and faille. Hand fashioned vintage velvet ribbon corcade. Accented with a spectacular vintage metal, and shell button. Circa 1995

A collage of my hats. This showcases the time before I made my own flowers. I used vintage, and modern vintage look back then.

I can make just about any hat. Give me a picture of a historic hat, and I can make my version......and it will be mistaken for vintage. Every show I do, there's at least one that says "are these vintage". I've learned to take that as a compliment over the years.

As demands of motherhood have increased, my hat making has dwindled. It's at this moment, in slow-mo. Yarn & fiber batts are faster to make. It's been an interesting trade off. Yesterday I went through some storage. I found what I've been thinking of for some time! What I think of as my
vintage hats. The ones from around 1991-1995.......I kept a few! Some I wore a 1-2 times at shows. Some I made and kept behind glass. I'll be cleaning the worn ones with professional cleaner, and gussying them up for sale! Think of it as a time capsule.

The best part? I have some amazing photos of models wearing some of these awesome hats! It will be super to crack the vault & let a kind of retrospective out.