Roving isn't boring!

New roving is listed in my shop! Roving from the top:
1. Acid Test, 2. Tune In, Drop Out., 3. 1969, 4. Karma, 5. Love Child, 6. Love In, 7. Hippie Smile, 8. Magic Bus, 9. Patchouli

Spin Off magazine recently featured rock star spinner Jacey Boggs uber coils on it's cover. That night I tried the style of yarn! I did it again last night with some new dyed roving of mine. Love them greens!

Look how gorgeous the space dyed merino roving looks like when spun? I stripped 2" sections off the 4 oz section of roving, and spun it thick & thin. Then I respun it, plying it with a deep blue fingering weight yarn.

Roving is not boring. Yes, I know me.....the queen of art batts. I do love the simplicity of roving. I'd been interested in it in the past. Though mainly I thought of it as filler for some of the batts I make. It's totally more than filler! A recent cover of Spin Off magazine reminded me of this. It featured spinner extraordinaire Jacey Boggs's fabulous uber coil yarn. It was fun to see it on the cover of Spin Off. Spin Off is becoming artsier! I thought it was a nice feature, especially after the magazine kinda trashed her Sit & Spin DVD review. The article was fun, normally my eyes glaze over when it comes to specs, twist per inch etc. I'm just not that kind of spinner! I take instructions as a suggestion. My yarn turned out thick thin plied plus uber coils! Pretty good considering I cringe when it comes to instructions!

I have to say this is a fun, but labor intensive yarn to spin. The 4 oz roving I used took me 2 hours wrangle into yarn. Keep in mind I was interrupted by a sick little girl that should have been sleeping! Anyway it was a fun application for something new in my Etsy shop. I have to sample my own wares, right? I just launched a fun line called "Totally Groovy" a nod to the subculture revolution in the 60's.

P.S. I spun this style yarn asap I got the issue of Spin Off it was featured in. Then I ruined it. My washer was on "extra rinse". Unknowing, I went to spin water out of 5 skeins of freshly set yarn. Minutes later I realized they were washing! Yep, tangled mess.....I rescued 4 of the skeins. The Uber-coil one? Hopelessly toast. I made it into a necklace, and sold it at the next show I did!