How I've changed.....a big retrospective!

My display from the late 90's to early 2000, pre Hatdiva. Remember Shabby Chic? Oh I embraced that theme! It worked good with the style of hats I was designing at the time. This booth photo was taken just before I started making my own flowers for the hats.
Yes, it was alot to set up, but genius display! The lattice......oh my gosh. A good idea at the time. Look! I even have a wood cabinet between the chairs. LOL!

My style then was the overblown, huge flower look. Looks a bit overdone looking back.....the whole Victorian more is better concept!

It looked seen here on one of my casual models. This rose is almost too big for the hat! Though somehow it works (maybe).

My more recent pink + toile booth. I dyed the table coverings in my bathtub! It was a great display. Although, the wood panels were heavy, and hard to move about. The wood hat stands took up alot of space in the storage boxes. I've since gone with some pop together wire stands that store flat. The canopy is a Trimline from Flourish Co.

This is my current display! Bright & fun. Merging the hats + the yarns and fibers has been interesting. Not all of my die hard hat fans have "gotten it." Though, that's ok. I had to grow as an artist!

Looking at the gray corduroy table skirts, I am wondering if I should lighten up? The gray shade is neutral, and wears well. Here I go again, thinking about another look. You have to keep it interesting!

Above is my display for the Winter season. Warm, inviting. This is the season where I feel the yarn + the felted/felt hats works best.

It's funny, how you don't really notice change, unless you look at a photo. My craft show display has changed as my work has changed over the years. Thus brings this post about changing displays. A great deal of you loved the pink and toile did I. I wanted to bring in a more fun bright colored display when my interests shifted to yarns & wool. That's when I brought in the brightly colored drapes from Ikea.

I've struggled a bit trying to merge the two. The two blend well when I am displaying my winter felt styles. That's when wool makes the most sense! I have thought to bring the toile + pink look back to the hat half of the booth......though am not sure yet. I'm sure eventually I'll find a happy medium, as literally I wear two hats with the two businesses! Who knew buying that wool carder, to make wool batts for felting hats would lead to this! Have fun with the photos from memory lane.......