My batts cause a stir!

The amazing, super awesome Lushmommy. She has a fabulous style that's unmistakable.

Ishirlz is another fab spinner! Her corespun yarns are flawless, this skein is quite awesome!

My dyed cormo was a major part of this incredible colorific skein by Jazzturtle. I love how the chunkiness works with the other mix-in's.

My batts & fibers are super fun.......word has got out. I'm thrilled as my Atomicblue Etsy shop is growing by leaps and bounds. My style has totally grown since I opened it a few short years ago. I've become a better dyer, and carder since then! I am also getting the occasional fan mail. People are including my work in Etsy Treasuries. It's really a trip! I admit, it's really awesome. Although, I have a little twinge of guilt as I let my Hatdiva skills atrophy. Though, eventually the two will combine & meet somewhere in the middle.

Batts & fibers! Above are some amazing examples of what some great spinners are making with my wool. How cool is that?