A bit of fun with vintage colorful lanterns. I bought these to hang from my daughters ceiling, fun! All bought from Etsy: vintage.

When I brought in the new (used, for a mere $179.00!) sofa into the studio....I had to move a few things around! Still settling in, I know, blocking the other door I rarely use. It's only temporary!

The comfiest sofa! It's got nice details, and is ever so comfy. Who knew leather could be so great?

Doesn't it just say sit down & knit a little? Or read a bit while I work? The sofa is kid & daddy approved!

And yes......finally after a year of the boring gray primed Hardie Plank being up, we're getting the house painted!! Pale lime green +white + deep dark brown + a dark pruple door, yay!

I admit it........blogging has not been on my mind. Having fun has been. I've dialed it back a bit, kicked up the fun factor. I'm spending more time with my family and loving it. I'd agonized far too long about juggling Hatdiva side of things + Atomicblue Fiber. Forget it, I'm letting to go feral. I'll see where it leads me rather than me leading it!

So I temporarily shut down my Hatdiva shop on Etsy. I decided, I was going to have to clone myself, or go out of my mind. So I took the easy way out. Yep. So for the time being you'll only be able to buy hats at craft shows. I do have one coming up in Sandpoint, Idaho in August! So yippie-ki-yo I'll be there with a fully stocked millinery display. Summer easy going styles, with a few fancy numbers mixed in. But that's it, until school kicks in for the kid.

Summer so far: we're getting a cukes off the cucumber every few days, my house got painted(!!), and I bought a new-used leather sofa. Another amazing breakthrough- I am able to listen to audio books again! The kid is into it and listening along, hooray.
It's been, what only a 4 year audio book drought? I work a bit, and listen. Though I admitm mostly I hit the pause button. Most importantly I am listening, and it's lots of fun! At the moment we're having a super time listening to Motormouth by Janet Evanovich. CJ Critt is the best at reading, I swear, it's a hoot! It's popcorn audio "reading" at it's best!