Can you hear that?

Styling ideas, and more. Dani of Pumpkinhaus in a way inspired me to get some better backgrounds going.

Silvery leaves.....spare branching forms. A simple mood to convey.

Patina, with a few modern accents. Rustic, yet now. A sneak peek of a few things I'm playing around with.

It's happening! After a major hiatus.......I have ideas. Lots of them. So many I forgot to turn into the five & dime parking lot yesterday. I laughed and then turned around. It's been awhile since I've been that engrossed in hats. Well rather, how I'm going to present them. If I am to present a hat at $149. the photo had better read "worth it". I don't know if my ideas will play out, though I have a good feeling they will!

Coming soon, the grand reopening of my Hatdiva Etsy shop!