I love August!

Why do I love August? Because it means September is just around the corner. I have loved the days that have that hint of Autumn in the air forever. That little nip that says the trees will start turning. In the meantime my vegetable garden is going full tilt boogie! My cucumbers? Massive producers.

I am convinced if you stood still long enough that the cucumber feelers would twine around you.

We've decided that Petunias are the start of the garden. What color, what easy care......I just love them. Next year, I'm planting more, along with Zinnias, they have the best color!

The so called bush beans are really pole beans......boy am I glad I added some support to them early on! My tomatoes despite the blight are taller than I am. That means they're over 5 feet. They are covered with fruit. Some are ripening a little bit everyday, the one I love so far is Mexico Midget. So good!

Then there's the pumpkin. Um, they lied. The label said spread of 5 feet. Think 15, I've had to cut it back twice. There are several basketball sized pumpkins on it. By the time it ripens, I'm sure they will be coach sized. My garden has tought me two important things: To do your best, and stand back. Discovery! Everyday there's something new, and it's a delight to see what's new. I could swear the cucumbers and pumpkins are growing right before my eyes!
The garden is incredibly rewarding, next year sunflowers, and watermelons. Next time I'll give plenty of room for them to sprawl.