A little nip in the air.....

I'm saving the Black Eyed Susan's that my neighbor Sara gave me. I've dried them in order to save & plant their seeds next year.

Our apple tree out front hasn't quite lost it's leaves yet.....although there's a few apples on it. The bees were thankfully very plentiful this spring. Next year we will plant more of a bee & butterfly flower garden.

I love the way this tree looks. I look at it quite alot from the living room. It gets quite pretty as it loses it's leaves, and the apples remain.

More hand spinning.....I'm using up the dyed colors I have, and will be dyeing more soon.

Fall is here. Crisp leaves are slowly falling! Some of the overnight lows are 38 degrees or so. I wonder how much longer our garden can hold on. Frost is definitely around the corner. I made the first pot of beef stew the other night. I love how it tastes right from my antique Griswold iron stock pot. Usually we'd head out to Oregon Flock & Fiber this time of year. Not so this time! Budget worries grounded us. After shelling out $3k for painting the house & studio, no wonder! The good news is everything looks great, and being broke is (hopefully) temporary.

My spinning wheel is cranking up a storm. I have many new colorways and colors I want to spin. Instead of doing willy nilly color everything I may focus on something specific. Here's to looking forward to sweater wearing days, and a fire in the wood stove.