The Camera

Crochet thread up close & personal! I use this stuff to tie off my yarn skeins. Look how the camera was able to get the crisp definition of each wrap of the thread.

Fall color in the main street park. Fall is always so pretty in North Idaho.

It's all about the details. Crisper shots, better read of colors. How I would sometimes fight my Powershot to get the accurate shade!

Love the gorgeous detail of the cactus on my windowsill! I took this before I realized that a lesser quality setting was fine.

It's finally here! I compared, obsessed......researched. Canon or Nikon. Nikon! Now, wait, Canon. I went with a Canon. Why? It was lighter, and had better shutter button placement. I have smallish hands, so anything that's easier to operate wins.

I scored a fab refurbished model from Adorama. The camera model is Canon EOS Rebel XSi, aka a EOS 450D. It by chance happens to be the top rated SLR Canon on Flickr. How cool is it? It's awesome!! Initial concerns were the macro mode. I quickly learned it's pointless. Better to work in AV mode, and crop my pictures in edit mode. I kind of miss the selective contrast/saturation features from my Canon Powershot. Although I can tweak those in edit mode easy enough. The other learning curve was realizing file size was far too big. I adjusted the quality size to be middle of the road. Files about 800kb or so upload fast & have great resolution. I'd love to use the mackdaddy huge-ola files......but my 250kbps wireless thinks otherwise.

I'm excited to see how my Etsy shop will look with the new camera in use! The Powershot was great, but had too much noise/graininess. I want that crisp super clear look the better cameras have, and I think I got it!!