Cropping: It's hip to be square!

Springtree Road's Pumpkin Spice roving. Square happens to read better on Etsy!

Maya's Sprung yarn. I love the happy little accent of the little daisies.

Maya's Harvest at Dusk roving. She styles her photos so well!

Etsy has finally gone wide format. It means bigger and better.....right? Maybe. I normally shoot all my photos vertical to give the viewer the biggest image. Now they're huge, 6x9 inches to be exact. My 17 inch monitor says "no way" when you scroll up & down to see what you're looking at, it's a tad tiring.

I wish I had shot everything horizontal. Then I wouldn't be thinking of re-shooting 144+ images! There's a solution. Crop it square! Maya of Springree Road has it down. Square is cool, it's amazing actually. She's a superlative photographer and fiber artist. Her photos are simple, yet say so much.

So discovering square is better, has a serendipitous twist. It's also a fabulous way to make your photos look amazing without losing a ton of resolution (well, unless you crop too much!) . I've been shooting 4MB or so photos, and doing some slight cropping, using Picmonkey. I'm learning! It's going to take some time before my photos really resonate. I'm getting there.

** Edited to add the new url to Picmonkey. It's what's next-best to failed Picnik.