Angora! Goats that is.....

Aren't they adorable? Fuzzy and oh so cute. It makes me want a few.....

Look at the kids! These guys are the sweetest chocolate shade. I assume they'll be cinnamon shaded as they grow like their mama.

All angora, except that dark wool to the center left! The crimp & luster are awesome.

Super soft kid angora. Kid? It's from a baby angora goats first shearing. Super fine, and luxuriously soft. Like satin!

The precious goats have some awesome fiber. It's not's angora! Love this stuff. I've made friends with a great gal in Montana who produces some amazing stuff! Her goats are super cute. I spent the weekend steaming up my windows from simmering dye pots. I have some amazing new colors on the way.

I made two discoveries. Angora smells a little when dyeing....though is fine once dry! My husband evacuated the drying racks to his shop. Our house is a smallish 650 square feet, so you can imagine! The good thing about the shop, it has radiant heated floors. My fiber will dry faster! Everything is up high on racks, and will be dry soon! Can't wait to card it all.