More cool stuff!!

It's nice to get online after 2 days of no internet. Our area had a severe wind storm! Snapped trees, downed power lines. Some lost their homes. Roofs blew off. Kinda crazy.....nice to look downtown and see the glow of the old style street lights. It was odd to look out and see pure darkness when the power was out. I'm shopping for Thanksgiving festivities, and stocking up my Etsy shop.

I've sorted though my vast wool stash. Dyed up several pounds of awesome and will be listing soon! I'm thinking Sunday on Etsy. Though some might trickle in as early as Saturday. We'll see!

I'm also working on dyeing up several skeins in solid colorways. Wanna get on my mailing list? Look for the newsletter link on the left sidebar. You'll get special alerts & news when I update my shop!

Later :D