The Most Amazing Sweater Ever!

I kid you not, the sweater was spun using Turkish drop spindles! How amazing.

Knitted from the top down, really!! It's such a neat concept, I'm going to try as soon as I get braver with knitting!

Here's the sweater all done! Isn't it awesome? When I first saw a snapshot of it on Flickr, I thought it was maybe Noro yarn.

Shot at the Bearpaw spinning retreat......such a dreamy awesome photo!

Why is the sweater amazing?'s hand knit. And handspun.......and has some of my fiber in it!! (it's said to be on the upper arm next to the pink stripe) Even more amazing? It was spun all on drop spindles! Jana used some gorgeous turkish drop spindles. Can you tell I'm having sweater envy? The sweater was knitted using an adaption of Knitting Pure & Simple's Women's Cardigan #225 which is knitted top down.

The most fun part of the sweater story? It's entirely knit from samples that were spun from from the Phat Fiber Boxes! Read more about fibers used on the original blog post here.

Love it!