I've been busy!

After several years, I cut my hair short again! Loving the look.

A felted afghan (on purpose) sewn into pillows! My local thrift store has the best stuff.

A bright happy update.....my other pillows were fading. Fading won't do, I love color!

From awesome dyed fiber......to handspun yumminess.

I knit a shawl!! It turned out, yet a little small. I'm learning more about knitting, it's so fun.

I cut my hair.
Spun a few skeins of yarn.
Did some Christmas shopping (at a local craft show, where else!).
Bought some gifts on Etsy.
Am enjoying life......how are you doing?

P.S. My blog is being refurbished for a new easier read format with lots of fun stuff to come! xoxo Sayra