New knitting video!

The scarf, nearly done! Using drop stitches really shows off the style of the yarn.

I made another little low-tech video! They're fun to do. It shows how I do the 'drop stitch' knitting method. Really, all it is is a double yarn over. I spun up a favorite colorway called Over the Rainbow. I ended up with 127 yards, pretty cool! It's not a super bulky yarn, as I wanted to make good use of what I had.

Using #15 jumbo needles I cast on 16 stitches. I did basic garter stitches (knit every row) and thew in the drop stitches every few rows. I love the way the scarf looks, this stitch really shows off the yarn! The scarf is about 60" long, I'm super pleased how it turned out! Try a drop stitch today, it's simple!