Tiffen rocks, aka adventures with my fancy Canon.

BEFORE: Royal purple....with a ton of photo manipulating!

AFTER: Nice! Zero color manipulation, just a tad exposure lightening. Far more accurate pinkish cast to the batt.

BEFORE: Canon 450D, colors are flat, blah. I had to manipulate the photo a tiny bit to get the closest greenish shade of this batt.

AFTER using Canon EOS 450D : Accurate color!! Only edits were for exposure, and burning out a slight shadow.

Color accuracy with my new Canon EOS 450D (aka digital rebel Xsi) is tricky. So many settings! It's a decent SLR, although there's places it could not go. Enter the Tiffen hot mirror filter, and pow! Instant color correction. It takes a bit of fanangling, so far I'm super happy! So, if colors are eluding you...and you have a lens capable of a screw on lens, you should check out a hot mirror filter! Less time cleaning up pictures with photo software=happy camera owner.

I know I can take excellent photos with this camera. The Flickr share group has amazing photos taken with the same camera. This is a group you should check out!