I have a new wheel!

You can see a theme here, pretty blond wood, just like my light bamboo floors.

Big capacity bobbin vs. smaller "bulky" Lendrum bobbin (holds 8 oz)

The handy bobbin holders make the wheel look a bit Shrek-like. Not that I'm into naming inanimate objects....this wheel is totally Shrek!

Spinolution. Why would I want more than one wheel? Well.....sometimes there's not enough space on the bulky Lendrum bobbin. This is where size does matter! Now I can fill up the Lendrum bobbins & ply onto my gi-normous new bobbin! How much does it hold? 32 oz. Will it? Can I possibly fill it all the way? Probably not.

Scored refurbished for $550. compared to the new price ($729), it was a deal!

P.S. Quilt progress, I have the first 4 rows stitched together! I predict it'll take a month at the rate I'm going.