The thread that binds.

Full circle....I've made a few quilts before. Just plain squares, sewn together. The corners didn't match up, but they were awesome anyway. I bought a bunch of fabrics two years ago (you know how this goes) and they made my shelves in my studio pretty. I didn't cut them up, and sew. Then I discovered a awesome free quilt pattern! It's a zig zag pattern called Folk Dance by Anna Maria Horner, colorista extraordinaire & Mom of six. Our here in the boonies it's great to read her blog & feel connected on a creative level.

I finally bought a mat & rotary cutter, and darn it, finally got the courage to start cutting. I cut the many triangles (actually about 221 to be exact!) in a afternoon. Thanks to the great plexiglass templates my husband made, it went pretty quick. I made a few mistakes, and cut again. Then I dug out my Grandma's Singer from storage! I have industrial Singer in my studio...which weighs a ton. This machine is portable & fits great in the house. With a bit of handy hubby oiling, it sounds like it's brand new! It's fitting that the old Singer sews the quilt. My grandma would approve.

I just decided the color order.....that took a bit of fuss. I wound a bunch of bobbins I'm nervous as heck, but I'm starting!

Plan is to have it finished in a couple of week. Hold me to it!