Vintage Etsy favorites!

You can't go wrong with a classic Vera scarf. In a fave shade, orange! From theluckyfish on Etsy.

I just love vintage turquoise with silver! Ring from curiositiesonmain.

Dala horses, love them! I had one when I was a child, the paint eventually fell off. From Mazuli83on Etsy.

Vintage Pyrex Fridge storage containers! Get them from mooiebloem on Etsy. Love the bright colors!

Wonderful Kilim pillow! Just love those colors. From Lykianway.

I love this classic zigzag pattern. Wonderful blues. By shopgoodgrace

Can't go wrong with some Danish Modern lamps. I even like the new bohemian shades! From fabulousmess.

One of my favorite things to do is crawl through a huge antique collective. Since I'm such a workaholic, I tend to shop a bit online. I love Etsy for anything vintage! I have eclectic tastes. Sort of vintage-traditional with a bit of modern thrown in.

I spent may weekends as a teenager at the sprawling Marin City flea market. It was below the projects near Sausalito. My favorite vendors were the Levi's and cowboy boot well as the people who made the spring rolls & lemonade. Sadly, the location is now a huge shopping mall. Good to remember it as a dusty lot filled with treasures waiting to be discovered.