1. Sprinkling, 2. thank you for the music, 3. new my handspun yarn, 4. Dramatic Jump, 5. Rose's On The Fence Rag Rug, 6. sneak peek : shop update, 7. Hildegard's peacock, 8. i really need to..., 9. x-long polworth locks, 10. Carrie loving Jazzturtle Yarns, 11. Me and my Besty, 12. summer bag
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1. lo and beholdness..., 2. some days..., 3. Untitled, 4. Brewski, 5. Finished Little Shells, 6. Update!, 7. garter yoke, 8. 全身1, 9. Stopped By @craftyiscool 's booth at Renegade Craft Fair and she had these cute monsters made w/ Sheep(ish)!, 10. newspaper shopgirls, 11. IM002394, 12. windchime

There are so many creative people out there! I love photo sharing on Flickr. It's a online virtual photo sharing site. I've favorited a bunch of pictures....they save in a fun file in my Flickr account. Anytime I'm out of inspiration, I glance at the colors in the pictures & am refreshed. They tell a wonderful story. I just love them!

I made a few mosaics to show off my faves!