And there you are....

Spring cleaning paid off. I was a little uneasy how everything would go back together. I had nothing to worry about! The new carding station is awesome! (I card wool to felt & spin with)

The best part about cleaning & organizing, is I freed up space in the "clubhouse" (aka as the new studio addition). Yes, that's a sink you means no more dyeing wool & fibers in my house! It will also be great for dyeing straw hat bodies (blanks) to make hats with.

My studio is almost all clean & reorganized. I did a major purge. Sold/donated two sewing machines. I moved alot of wool! I wish I had a mini storage area for the wool, yet I decided, screw it, I'm going to make it work. That's just what I'm doing!

It's super nice. In the next coming weeks I'm adding trim to the windows, and some curtains. Eventually I'll get the computer moved in, and I'll have a bonifide office. Yay!