Farm Day

So I got a little know how it goes with the seriously addicted. There's no hope!

The local farm day & sale was awesome! I was worried I would have to fight my way to the fleece. Must remind myself, this is not Oregon Flock & Fiber!

Look at all those happy little sheepies! Cute lambs too. See how the shepherdess Margo keeps their coats fresh & clean with those jackets? It's a joy to spin yarn, and felt with a clean fleece.

The pond by the farmhouse was super gorgeous. The sun & blue sky was a nice change from the torrents of rain. This is the Pacific Northwest after all!

This gorgeous flower, I'm told is Pasque flower. Feathery foliage, I want a whole flowerbed of these!

The ride home was enjoyable....what with the smell of fresh wool + lanolin in the car. I paused to stick the camera out the window & captured this shot. It was such a nice day! There was yummy treats to eat, nice folks etc. Even the kid had a ball.

Up next, a tutorial on making a DIY mesh frame for drying just washed fleece.